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The Toyota 4Runner was originally launched in Japan as the Toyota Hilux Surf in 1984, the first models were basically a double cab pickup truck with a fiberglass canopy, since their arrival to Canada in the 80's they have evolved into just short of a full size SUV, a cross between the Toyota Highlander and Sequoia. All 4Runners are manufactured in Tahara, Japan and imported to the United States and Canada as Toyota 4Runner.

Toyota 4Runner 1984-1989
The original 4Runner was a modified Toyota pickup truck similar to the Tacoma with an additional seat and a fiberglass cover it was Toyota's quick way of competing with the first SUVs manufactured by Ford and Nissan. The first 4Runner was available with a 2.4L engine with standard 4x4 drive terrain. In 1985 the engine was replaced with an electronically injected 2.4L engine with some rear seat modifications. In 1986 all 4Runner imports to Canada were redesigned to include a front independent suspension, with a longer wheel-base, improving off-road stability and handling.

In 1988 a V6 3.0L SOHC engine was optional for the Toyota 4Runner, in Japan an optional 2.2L diesel engine was available however it wasn't imported into Canada. In 1989 the 4Runner had some minor changes making way for the newer design.

Toyota 4Runner 1989-1995
The second generation Toyota 4Runner arrived to Canadian dealers in 1989 as a 1990 4Runner model, it was completely redesigned, changing over from the pickup platform model to a mid-sized SUV, the newer 4Runner design is based around a 4-door platform, available with both a 2.4L engine and a larger V6 3.0L engine, while in Japan the 2.4L turbo diesel engine was very popular, a 2.8L and 3.0L diesel engine were also available for the 4Runner in Brazil.

Toyota 4Runner 1995-2002
In 1995 the 4Runner was complete redesigned, while following a similar style, the 1996 4Runner was developed as a luxury mid-size SUV model, sharing Toyota Land Cruiser Prado platform; with safety standards being set in Canada the new 4Runner included twin airbags for both driver and passenger, anti-lock ABS brakes. The 4Runner 2.4L engine is replaced by Tacoma's 2.7L DOHC 150HP engine and the V6 3.0L engine was replaced by a larger V6 3.4L engine.

The 1999 4Runner model had some external modifications with a completely new front bumper extending the crush zone and new fog lights, the 4Runner also received an optional multimatic transmission for the 4x4 model which works like an AWD. In 2001 the Toyota 4Runner again received a facelift with clear headlights and Vehicle Stability Control as standard on all models. The 4Runner was replaced in Europe in 1996 by the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota 4Runner 2002-2009
The fourth generation Toyota 4Runner was completely redesigned including a larger platform and different design, breaking away from the original pick-up with hard canopy look; however remaining in the same segment, larger and tougher than the Toyota Highlander but not as big as the full size Toyota Sequoia, a hybrid between a luxury SUV and off-road vehicle. The 4Runner received a V8 4.7L engine with 260HP which is rated as an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) which it shares with the Toyota Tundra and Sequoia, it also received a brand new LEV (Low Emissions Vehicle) rated V6 4.0L engine which it shares with the 2009 FJ Cruiser and Toyota Tacoma pickup. The 4Runner Sport and Limited models included X-Relative absorber suspension system with adjustable height suspension. The 2009 4Runner in Canada also included optional third row of seats, power sunroof, DVD navigation system, dual backup camera and premium JLB audio system with 10 speakers.

Toyota 4Runner 2009-present
The last generation of Toyota 4Runners made its debut in 2009 at the Texas State Fair; the 4Runner SR5 and Limited editions are available in 2WD or 4WD; however the Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition is 4WD only and includes Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) used in the Lexus GX and Toyota Land Cruiser which adjust the front and back stabilizers when off-roading and disengages in normal driving conditions. The 2010 4Runner model follows the same design equipped with a newer V6 4.0L engine.

All 2012 4Runners in Canada are available with a V6 4.0L engine with VVT-i technology improving power while maximizing fuel economy, with 270HP and 278 lb-ft of torque, mated with a 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission (ECT) and sport sequential shift. The new VVT-i engine offers over 5% more fuel economy than previous models.

In Canada the Toyota 4Runner is available in five trim models; the base 4Runner SR5 V6, 4Runner Upgrade Package, 4Runner Trail Edition which is designed for more off-road use and special X-REAS Sport Suspension, 4Runner Limited Package which also includes push start button, full time 4WD, 20 inch rims and premium JLB audio system with 15 speakers and the fully loaded Toyota 4Runner Limited with Navigation which includes voice activated navigation, including DVD player, backup camera and XM satellite radio.

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