Audi teases ‘radical’ EV off-roader concept

FRANKFURT — Audi says its AI:Trail off-road EV concept that will debut at the Frankfurt auto show will have a “radical” design.

The concept will preview an “electrically driven off-roader of the future,” Audi said in a statement on Monday.

Audi gave no further details ahead of the concept’s first public outing at the Frankfurt show on Sept. 10.

The AI:Trail is Audi’s fourth EV concept that looks at how autonomous driving will reshape transportation over the next ten years.

The concept series started with the Aicon long-distance autonomous electric sedan with an 800-km (497-mile) range at the 2017 Frankfurt show. It was followed by the PB18 e-tron low-slung sports car at last year’s Paris show. At this year’s Shanghai auto show, Audi showed the AI:ME self driving city car.

The show cars have been developed for a singular purpose or to test ways to meet future mobility needs, Audi design chief Marc Lichte told Automotive News Europe earlier this year

Speaking about the Frankfurt show concept, he said: “I cannot remember a show car concept at Audi that was so radical and progressive in its design.”

“We believe that will change in the future with autonomous driving and gradually, not overnight, we will begin to see cars like these concepts,” Lichte said.

“There will be new business models for Audi that we can’t even imagine at this point,” he said.

All concepts will be on display at the Frankfurt show.

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