BMW makes X4 sportier, roomier for 2019


The 2019 X4 has a longer wheelbase, which provides a more comfortable ride and better cornering, said X4 product manager Ralph Neuberger. The rear has a wider track for better driving dynamics and slimmer LED taillights with a three-dimensional design.

The front of the vehicle also received design changes, including rectangular fog lights and large outer air intakes. The signature BMW kidney grille is 30 per cent larger than the previous generation, helping with cooling and improving fuel efficiency, Neuberger said.

BMW said it used a mixture of aluminum and high-grade steel to reduce weight, not just in the chassis design but also in the body’s construction. Using a higher proportion of aluminum and high-strength and ultra-high-strength grades of steel strengthened the body structure, improving vehicle agility and occupant protection. The car additionally has a significantly lower centre of gravity, which improves cornering dynamics, according to BMW.

Aerodynamic drag in the next-gen X4 has been reduced by about 10 percent by streamlining the body and adding features such as an active air flap control, air curtains in the front apron and additional underbody cladding, BMWsaid. 

The X4 might be marketed to dads who dream of being race car drivers, but it also has accoutrements and conveniences targeted at suburban moms.

The redesigned X4 has an inch of additional rear leg room over its predecessor.  The vehicle comes standard with a suite of safety features, including frontal collision warning and emergency braking. When a collision is imminent, seat belts tighten and the windows and moonroof close to a small gap.

Standard navigation comes with a 10.25-inch display and offers drivers multiple ways to interact including touchscreen, iDrive Touch Controller, voice control or the optional 75 percent larger, colour heads-up display.

Dunkel said the X4 is geared toward “extroverts” who want the cargo space of a crossover and the design and driving excitement of a sports car.

The X4 will be available next month, with pricing starting at $53,000 for 30i, and $66,000 for M40i, before destination fees. The X4 is built at BMW’s plant in Spartanburg, S.C. 

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