Cadillac expands Super Cruise hands-free system in Canada


Hands-free highway driving with Cadillac Super Cruise will be available on all but 286 kilometres of the 6,146-kilometre stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway that forms the most direct route between Nova Scotia and Vancouver, B.C., when a new round of updates is completed for the system later this year.

“This expansion will allow Canadians the benefit of driving hands-free more often across the country and reflects how we’re continuing to make Super Cruise the most beneficial system for our customers,” said James Nava, national marketing and communication manager for Cadillac Canada

Current owners of Cadillac CT6 vehicles equipped with Super Cruise will begin to receive notices next week on how to have the software that enables the update installed by a dealer free of charge.

The new map information will then be pushed to those vehicles via over-the-air updates through the summer and fall of 2019. Beginning in calendar year 2020, the feature will be delivered fully updated on new CT6 sedans that include the feature.

On Sport and Premium Luxury models, Super Cruise is packaged with the active chassis, 20-inch wheels, and magnetic dampers at a combined price of $6,925. The feature is standard equipment on the Platinum model, which starts at $97,295 including freight and PDI.

Super Cruise will also become available on certain models of Cadillac’s midsize CT5 and compact CT4 sedans. Pricing on those models has not yet been announced.

Once the updates are complete, Canada’s Super Cruise compatible network of highways will nearly double from its current 13,000-kilometre length and will add select divided highways with at-grade interchanges to the existing enabled controlled-access freeways. The two mainland sections of the Trans-Canada Highway that are not included are the 245-kilometre segment between Sydney and New Glasgow, NS, and a 41-kilometre stretch of Route 185 in southern Quebec, both of which are undivided highways and therefore incompatible with the system. 

Other notable additions to the network include Alberta Highway 43 north to Grand Prairie, the full length of Ontario Highway 17, and Quebec Route 175 between Quebec City and Saguenay. No routes in Prince Edward Island, the island of Newfoundland, or Vancouver Island are being added. Across Canada and the United States, Super Cruise capability will increase from 210,000 kilometres of road to a total of just over 320,000 kilometre. 

Prior to these updates, 20 per cent of CT6 models were sold with Super Cruise equipped in Canada. In the United States, where Super Cruise functions on the entire mainland interstate system, the take rate is higher at 30 per cent. Cadillac Canada was unable to detail its expectations before press time regarding whether the increased availability across Canadian roads and through the model lineup will increase demand for the option.

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