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2021 Ford Explorer Timberline

2021 ford explorer timberline 60be1e0a8bfd5

Ford is expanding its off-road utility lineup with a new Timberline variant as it seeks to cash in on a growing segment even beyond the new Bronco family of vehicles. The 2021 Explorer Timberline, which will start at $52,699, including shipping, and arrive at dealerships summer 2021. The vehicle features steel skid plates and unique…

2022 Honda Civic

2022 honda civic 60be1deab85dd

The redesigned 2022 Honda Civic is getting more grown-up styling and set of features as it battles to stay relevant amid America’s crossover surge. The 11th-generation Civic offers an all-digital instrument panel, a sport driving mode, a premium Bose stereo system and a metal honeycomb accent across the dash as part of a simplified interior…

Mercedes-Benz EQT electric concept van

mercedes benz eqt electric concept van 60be1dcfb900e

Mercedes-Benz has revealed a sneak peek of an electric van concept it says is “near series production” ready and among the models it is adding to broaden its battery-powered range over the next year. The electric iteration of the Mercedes T-Class, dubbed EQT, will accommodate up to seven passengers and launch in 2022. The concept design…

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