Magna wins largest transmission technologies contract in company history


Canadian autoparts maker Magna International says BMW has awarded the supplier its largest production order for transmission technologies in the company’s history.

Magna will build dual-clutch transmissions, including hybrid variants, for the German automaker under a multi-year contract.

The supplier did not disclose the length or the financial terms of the contract.

A Magna spokesman said the company is very limited in what it can disclose at this point, at the request of BMW.  

The products will be built at Magna’s plants in Germany and Slovakia, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

The multi-year contract includes all front-wheel-drive dual-clutch transmissions, including hybrid transmission variants. The transmission technologies will be used in more than 170 different vehicle applications, though the supplier didn’t say how many vehicle models will feature the technology. Nor did the company say how many units will be produced on an annual basis or when production is scheduled to begin.

Magna said its new hybrid solution has no impact on the overall package size of the transmission, “which provides manufacturing flexibility to BMW.” 

The hybrid variants also use a compact, 48V high-RPM electric motor within the transmission housing, “providing innovative driving features while further improving fuel efficiency.”

Earlier this year, Magna was one of four Canada-based autoparts makers to find themselves on the Automobile News | Top 100 Global Suppliers List.

Magna, based in Aurora, Ont., maintained its third-place ranking for the fourth consecutive year and is the only Canadian company in the top five.

It generated $40.82 billion (all figures in USD) in total global OEM automotive parts sales in 2018, up by more than $4.2 billion from 2017. Magna was also the top supplier to North America, with $20.4 billion in sales.

Magna also retained its No. 4 ranking among suppliers to Europe.

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