Magna’s new rearview mirror monitors for distracted driving



Canadian supply giant Magna International revealed a new driver monitoring system this week, designed to cut down on distracted driving.

The technology is integrated into a vehicle’s interior rearview mirror.

A camera monitors the driver’s head, eye and body movement to detect drowsiness, fatigue and distracted behaviour.

If any such conditions are detected, the driver is alerted through customizable audible or visual notifications.

The technology does account for normal driving actions, such as looking in the side-view mirrors.

Magna says in a release that integrating the camera with the interior mirror provides the best unobstructed view to the driver and offers the best vantage point for additional occupant monitoring features. 

The supplier also says the system is scalable to also include features such as child presence detection, seat belt detection and identifying specific passengers to enable user preference memory settings.

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